What is OneShul?

OneShul is an online Jewish community open to anyone, anywhere, at any time. – Our Motto

OneShul’s mission was to create a community of engaged, believing, supporting, practicing Jews that are excited about being Jews in the 21st century. We aimed to create a Judaism without borders, an approachable and welcoming community that accepts and even encourages honest questions and questioning. We proudly know that we were victorious in that mission.

Our community had online streaming prayer services, Shabbat services, Rosh Chodesh, holiday events, classes and more. Our community fostered friendship, connection and spiritual creativity for over nine years.

Like everything in the PunkTorah network, we loved being independent, just like you! Leadership and participation in our community involved Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Secular Humanistic and Kohenet perspectives.

Why an online community? Weren’t you missing something?

This is how we put it: “our community is not missing anything. In fact, we would miss each other if we were forced to be in one city, in one building, without the ability to interact and share our lives with each other. We don’t consider OneShul to be synagogue ‘instead of’ somewhere else.”

Why Did OneShul cease operation?

After nine years of live streaming Jewish events and being a pioneer in online Jewish engagement, we chose to focus our energy on our groundbreaking projects DarshanYeshiva.org and our online rabbinical smicha program, JewishPluralism.org

You can view our video archive and our Parshah archive to see what we did and why it mattered.

I liked the “Weekly D’var Torah” by Rabbi David Hartley Mark. Can I keep seeing those?

The archive will always remain up. Additionally, we’re supporting Rabbi Mark’s efforts at writing books based on these dvrei torah. You can find more of Rabbi David Hartley Mark’s writing here.

About Rabbi David Hartley Mark
Rabbi David Hartley Mark is from New York City’s Lower East Side. He attended Yeshiva University, the City University of NY Graduate Center for English Literature, and received semicha at the Academy for Jewish Religion. He currently teaches English at Everglades University in Boca Raton, FL, and has a Shabbat pulpit at Temple Sholom of Pompano Beach. His literary tastes run to Isaac Bashevis Singer, Stephen King, King David, Kohelet, Christopher Marlowe, and the Harlem Renaissance.

What if I have more questions about OneShul?

We are no longer taking inquiries about OneShul, but encourage you to view DarshanYeshiva.org and our online rabbinical smicha program, JewishPluralism.org to see the direction our organization is going.