Ariella, Shavuot Mishaps + The Power of Community

Rabbi Patrick here.

Last week, OneShul and Darshan Yeshiva outreach director Ariella suffered a ministroke which left her with a few (hopefully temporary) physical imparements. Fortunately, the damage could have been much worse, and Ariella should be OK.

Ever our fearless leader, Ariella intended on continuing with our Shavuot all-night learning series she had worked so hard to put together.

Unfortunately, right before the event, she was simply too exhausted to participate in the way she wanted to. With her family around her, and with our online community’s support, we canceled our series.

While we believe firmly in living up to our promises, we believe that people matter more than programs. This belief manifested itself in the outpouring of love and support provided by the community. Lanny, a OneShul community member and volunteer, hopped on our chat room and provided a text-based service and kaddish minyan. We were also blessed by the presence of Rabbi Adele Plotkin who provided rabbinic support.

We are deeply sorry to those who expected a night of Jewish learning, instead to see an empty screen. When Ariella is better, we will have a series of “do-over” learning sessions throughout the year where her Torah wisdom, and the wisdom of other volunteers, will be able to shine through.

As Executive Director of the PunkTorah family of websites, I am deeply honored to be part of a community that has leaders like Ariella, and equally inspired by volunteers and community members who support one another the way that we support each other. The OneShul community, in this act of care and sacrifice, provides a level of righteousness that I hope I can one day live up to myself.

Much love,

Rabbi Patrick

PS: If you would like to reach out to Ariella and let her know how much you love her, please do so by emailing [email protected]

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