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  1. In Biblical times, being a rabbi was not a job, rabbis then being known by their vocation, whether carpenter or cobbler or whatever. Would it not be better for today’s rabbis to reflect the same practice, that is, earn their living through a profession or vocational skill rather than from their job as a rabbi, this change also reducing the likelihood of they developing the “edifice complex” which has (should be) decried.

    • So this is a great question. And throughout history, different types of religious leaders (Catholic priests, ministers, etc.) have done similar. I think the issue is this: what does the Jewish community want? Issues like “what rabbis should do” don’t start with the rabbis — it’s systemic. So in my case (Patrick), I work for PunkTorah and my rabbinical education is to support this community, which otherwise exists fine without me being a rabbi. Me becoming a rabbi only helps the community. So I feel I strike a balance on that one.

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