Torah Talk 03/31/14 – Metzora – Leviticus 14-15

This week’s study is Leviticus 14-15 – Metzora study begins at 21:00 in the video

Rosh Chodesh 03/30/14 – part 2

hosted by Ketzirah

Rosh Chodesh 03/30/14 – part 1

hosted by Ketzirah The observance of the change of one Jewish month to the next

Around the Shabbat Table 03/28/14

A short observance of Shabbat followed by an online Jewish discussion. This week’s topic is: Nanach

Ma’ariv and Havdalah 03/22/14

hosted by Michael the evening service that marks the ending of Shabbat and the beginning of a new week in Judaism along with the evening prayers.

Around the Shabbat Table on 03/31/2014

A short observance of Shabbat followed by an online discussion. The week’s topic: The science that could prove the plagues in Exodus were possible.

Darshan Yeshiva – Q&A and Programs

Rabbi Patrick hosts an online Q&A as to what the online website Darshan Yeshiva is and what programs are available for online study. 03/20/14

Torah Talk on 03/10/14 Shmini (Leviticus 9-11)

Torah Talk with Chanah this weeks study: Shmini (Leviticus 9-11) More on sacrifice, especially the prohibition on the consumption of blood and rules of the sacrifice in the Temple.

Ma’ariv and Havdallah on 03/08/14

The ending of Shabbat and evening prayer service in Judaism – hosted by Michael

Around the Shabbat Table 03/07/14 part 3

a short observance of Shabbat followed by an online discussion hosted by David – this week’s topic: forgiveness