The Seventh Day

It is forbidden for Noachides to celebrate Shabbat in the manner of a Jew. It is permissible for Noachides to light a candle in honor of the Seventh Day that was given to Adam and Noah and recite a blessing thanking G-d for creation and acknowledging that G-d rested on the seventh day. It is […]

Transliterated Kabbalat Shabbat and How To Guide

Ever wanted to learn how to lead Kabbalat Shabbat but don’t read Hebrew? This guide, a “shareware” version of a new book coming out through PunkTorah Publishing, will give you a dummy-proof transliteration of the Friday night service as well as some great tips on how to write your own Shabbat service. Click here to […]

Five Lesser Known Jewish Movements

Most people basically believe there are only three major movements in the U.S. today: Reform, Conservative and Orthodox. The truth is there are many established and fledgling movements growing all around the world. The differences between Jewish movements today is not so much a matter of theology, rather more a matter of how literally the […]

Traditional Jewish Wedding

Thanks to Michael Greenfeld for this awesome Traditional Jewish Wedding guide. Do-It-Yourself Jewish Wedding Planning

What is IndieYeshiva?

The IndieYeshiva is a resource for your independent (hence Indie!) learning. Read, interact, and contribute! Here you’ll find entries on holidays, the Torah, the Talmud, spirituality, and even ho-to articles on things like lighting candles and praying every day. OneShul is your shul, your synagogue, your Jewish community. No matter who you are or where you […]