The Passover Exodus: A Word from Pharaoh Ramesses II by David Hartley Mark

Scene: 1256 BCE. Abu Simbel, the majestic display of colossal statues in the Egyptian Valley of the Kings. The elderly Pharaoh Ramesses II, aged 91, sits in a wheelchair in the Ramesseum, gazing at a brand-new portrait of himself in his royal chariot, single-handedly turning back a Hittite invasion. It is warm here, as the […]

Around the Shabbat Table 02/07/14

A short observance of Shabbat followed by an online discussion with Addi. This week’s topic is “What Happens After Death in Judaism”

Around the Shabbat Table – 01/24/14 – part 1

A short observance of Shabbat followed by an online discussion with David. This week’s topic is the mitzvot. service starts at 26:17 in the video

Yom Kippur study on Forgiveness with Rivka on 09/14/13 (OneShul)

Rivka leads a discussion/lesson on how the Torah teaches us about forgiveness and what that means for Yom Kippur and us.

Jewish Poetry: “A Simple No” and “Obligatory” by Adam Breier

“A Simple No” She knew at Seven When told she’d go to Hell For not Believing That they were Wrong “Obligatory” His heart’s soul Carved a cavalier Swastika In mine When After 20 years Everything he did When we were kids Paled against Everything he said About Jews Followed by “But not you.” Adam lives […]

The Salad Days of Moses: Parsha Shemote

​I like Moses a lot. I commiserate with him: how can one be “the humblest of men” but at the same time, lead a people so fractious, argumentative, and independent-minded as us Jews? And yet, that was his life’s mission: self-destructively workaholic, misogynistic more than often, and not much of a father (his two sons are mere names, […]

Fragmented Pieces of Parsha Miketz: A Midrash

Miketz In my continuing series of documents from the Past, here is a piece which I acquired from the antiquities dealer, Ploni Ibn-Almoni, in the shuq-marketplace of the Old City of Jerusalem during my year abroad many decades ago. Almoni swore that he had secured it from a reliable source: one Dr. Tennessee Smith (1889-1948), an eccentric […]


To my knowledge, no Egyptologists are aware of the following manuscript, said to have been discovered by an Arab shepherd-boy who had gone wandering after a lost lamb into the caves surrounding the Valley of the Kings in Abydos, Egypt, around the remains of the Temple of Ramesses I. It is still a mysteryhow it arrived in the […]

Parshat Vayishlach

Vayishlach Scene: Esav’s return after his meeting and reconciliation with his brother Jacob at Peniel, where the two concluded peace after an absence of many years. The strong, bluff, but often obtuse Edomite leader asks for some time alone, while his armed followers move on to Mt. Seir, their stronghold, without him. He offers the […]

Parshah Vayaytsay Midrash

Scene: A stucco’d mud house in Paddan-Aram, in the country of the East, where Isaac and Rebecca sent Jacob to live among the people of her brother Lavan, fearing the wrath of Jacob’s brother Esav. Lavan is sitting with his cattleman-cronies before a fire, eating dried dates, salted olives, and drinking Egyptian-style beer. A hookah/nargeelah/water-pipe […]