Behaalotecha: The High Priest of Midian

Call me Chovav—or Jethro, or Reuel, who cares? I go by many names. I strive to be modest, but, truly, I am a vital part of the Israelite Saga. As Jethro, I was High Priest of Midian. One night, a dusty, travel-worn, exhausted refugee named Moses escaped from the slavery hellhole of Ramesses II, and […]

Behaalotecha by Rabbi David Hartley Mark

Behaalotecha: Eldad and Medad (Num. 11:26-30) by Rabbi David Hartley Mark   Scene: Night in the wilderness. Far from the Israelite Encampment, two men in their late fifties, Eldad and Medad, sit by the remains of a campfire which flickers weakly, about to crumble into ashes and die. All the Israelites sleep the sleep of […]