Beshalach By Rabbi David Hartley Mark

Scene: c. 1338 BCE. A Desert campfire, shortly after the Splitting of the Reed Sea. Three men sit around, sharing a flask of honey-mead liquor: one, a Stranger; Elazar, a Hebrew, and son of Moses; Hotep, an Egyptian. Elazar the Hebrew speaks.

Parshat Beshallach: The Egyptian Version by David Hartley Mark

Egyptian Weekly Army Review Troop Deployment Report Glorious Egyptian Empire Peacetime: No Battles to Report Few Military Losses, Thank Ra-in-His-Glory 8th Year of Osiris, Akhet, Time-of-Nile-Rising, Reign of His Gracious, Sun-in-His-Splendor-Rising, Pharaoh Ramesses II Item: Supply-Sergeant Khufu requisitioned six bows-and-quivers for use by Platoon 6, Chariot Squadron C, Regiment “Horus-Hawk-of-Vengeance”; three of six quivers were […]

Parshat Beshallach: The Egyptian Version by David Hartley Mark

“Needless to say, none of these events [i.e., Israelite enslavement and the Exodus] are corroborated by ancient Egyptian records, since the Exodus was a minor affair in Egyptian annals.” –Peter Clayton, Chronicles of the Pharaohs: The Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers and Dynasties of Ancient Egypt. London: Thames & Hudson, 1994. Egyptian Weekly Army Review […]

Parsha Beshalach 5773

Online Torah study with Brian.

Shabbat service for Parshat Beshalach 5772

An experimental Kabbalat Shabbat today focused on the idea of “receiving” the Sabbath.