Queen Salome Alexandra, Heroine of Chanukah

Queen Salome Alexandra, Heroine of Chanukah  by Rabbi David Hartley Mark             I have often said that Judaism, like its two sister faiths, is a “Boys’ Club,” in which the Boys, or Men, get the best parts, and the women are relegated to baking challah, lighting holiday and Shabbat candles, and going to mikvah. I […]

Chanukah: Laws, Customs, and Trivia by Rabbi Hartley David Mark

 Plus, My Personal Take on the History of this Wonderful Little Festival What we American Jews call a “menorah” is called a “chanukiyyah” in Israel. In modern Hebrew, a menorah is a light bulb. I wandered around B’nai B’rak, a very Chasidic town in Israel, going nuts looking for a menorah. They kept sending me […]

Were the Maccabees Political Liberals or Conservatives? by David Hartley Mark

My first encounter with the Maccabees involved opening a box of Barton’s Chocolates: I was seven years old. There they lay, flat little Jewish soldiers wrapped in blue-and-gold foil, smiling smugly, each one brandishing a sword and a shield emblazoned with a Star of David, ready to take on the fiercest foes—also, presumably, made of […]

Hanukkah and Assimilation

What does Hanukkah teach us in light of recent news about assimilation in the Jewish community?

Hanukkah and the Talmud with Rabbi Arnie Samlan

What does the Talmud tell us about Hanukkah? Turns out, Hanukkah is a mashup of Sukkot and a military victory. Check out this awesome class with your favorite DJing rabbi.