Chukat: The Brass Serpent

“The LORD sent fiery serpents against the Israelite People [for the sin of doubting Moses]. They bit the people, many of whom died. The people came to Moses and begged him to help them, by interceding with God. The Lord said to Moses,‘Make a fiery serpent—Seraph of brass, and mount it on a standard. If […]

Chukat by Rabbi Patrick Beaulier

Parshah Chukat Numbers 19:1-22:1 Why do the same things keep happening to us over and over again? Why do we fall into the same relationships, same types of jobs, etc. etc. Sometimes life feels like a gigantic rerun that you can’t escape: a constant Bill Murray-style Groundhog Day. Just like all the other Torah portions […]

The End of Miriam? By David Hartley Mark

Chukat (חקת) Torah: Numbers 19:1 – 22:1 Haftarah: Judges 11:1 – 11:33 I was the Eldest Child of Amram Ha-Levi and Yocheved, the clever one, the wise one, but the Thundering God, Who speaks from the Midst of Cloud and Fire, Who is All-Wise, All-Powerful, Who sees Past, Present, Future, All, All as One! He forgot […]

Chukat by David Hartley Mark

Miriam and Aaron: A Dialogue in Heaven Note: This Torah Portion includes the deaths of both Miriam (related in one scant verse, Num. 20:1) and Aaron (eight verses, 20:22-29), as well as the tragedy of Moses, whom God commands to speak to a rock, which will split and bring forth water for the thirsty, quarrelsome […]

Torah Together: Parshat Chukat

We lost a bit of the beginning, but most of the video is here, and it’s worth a look!