Chayay Sarah with Apologies to Victorian Poet Robert Browning

Scene: A desert caravan, led by Eliezer, Avraham’s Chief Manservant. He addresses a fellow-traveler whom they met on the way. [With apologies to Victorian poet Robert Browning (1812-1889), “Fra Lippo Lippi” (1853)] I’m Avram’s servant, ‘Layzer, by your leave! You may not recognize my bearded face— But I am he whom Avram of Charan Sent […]

Avraham, Our Father: An Imagined Midrash-Soliloquy (Parsha Vayeira)

A day like all other days, here in this godforsaken desert! Or should I not say that, myself being the chosen one of the Invisible God, Maker of heaven and earth—or so He says, so He tells me. Imagine—commanding me, an old man, to perform that—that—covenantal-cutting on myself, and with a flint knife! How it […]

Toledote: A Midrash by David Hartley Mark

Toldote Scene: Night. The wilderness encampment shared by Be’eri and Elon, princes of the Hittite Tribe. Esav ben Yitzchak v’Rivkah has just paid the mohar, the bride-price for Judith bat Beeri and Basemat bat Elon. He lies in a tent, drinking spiced wine and getting acquainted with his two new pagan brides.   Call me […]