Hillel and Buffett by Robyn Coffey

Hillel the Elder and Warren Buffett have imparted many words of wisdom which transcend their two thousand years of cultural and historical separation. It may seem strange to mention an ancient and beloved rabbi and the Oracle of Omaha in the same sentence, but stay with me on this one. Every Jew knows Hillel’s famous […]

Jewish Sages – Shammai & Hillel – 02/10/14

An online class on Jewish sages throughout the ages with Misha. This week is on the Herodian period – and the schools of thought of Shammai and Hillel

Standing upright in the presence of HaShem (Parsha Nitzavim)

Atem nitsavim hayom kulechem lifney Adonay Eloheychem rasheychem shivteychem zikneychem veshotreychem kol ish Yisra’el. Tapechem nesheychem vegerecha asher bekerev machaneycha mechotev etseycha ad sho’ev meymecha. Le’overecha bivrit Adonay Eloheycha uve’alato asher Adonay Eloheycha koret imcha hayom. Today you are all standing before God your Lord – your leaders, your tribal chiefs, your elders, your law […]

Mincha + Discussion (12/03/2010)