Sukkot discussion with Addi on 09/15/13 – part 1

This is in 2 parts due to technical difficulties. A discussion about the holiday, Torah/Tanakh and plot twists.

Tish B’Av with Rivka on 07/15/13 – part 2

Tisha B’Av with Rivka – a discussion and poetry reading on this Jewish holy day of mourning

Erev Rosh HaShanah services with Ketzirah

Biblical Holidays

Chanukah While Chanukah is not a “Biblical Holiday”, it has become an important holiday in the Jewish world because of its association with the re-consecration of the Temple. Noachides are permitted to celebrate this holiday but not in exactly the same manner as a Jew. It is permissible for Noachides to light Chanukah candles but […]

Hanukkah and Assimilation

What does Hanukkah teach us in light of recent news about assimilation in the Jewish community?