Counting the Omer: Week 6: Yesod by Ketzirah

The sixth week of the Omer focuses on Yesod (יסוד). This sephira is usually interpreted as Connection, Foundation, or Bonding. So that means we’ve journeyed from Chesed (Loving Kindness) to Gevurah (Strength) to Tifereth (Beauty/Compassion)to Netzach (Endurance/Victory) to Hod, and now on to Yesod.

Counting the Omer: Week 2: Gevurah by Ketzirah

The second week of the Omer focuses on Gevurah. There are so many ways people interpret this sephira. You see it described as severity, strength, judgement, discipline & measure, might, courage, and power — just to name a few. For me, my mind leaps directly to the Gevirah Netivah of Shekhinah — the Matriarch.

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The Old/New Universe

Introduction Ever since science has attempted to determine the age of the universe there has been a fierce intellectual battle between the forces of science and creationism. I tend to believe that the two perspectives don’t have to conflict, especially so fiercely. Today, there are several genuine approaches which can reconcile the two accounts of […]

Kabbalah & Tzimtzum

Jonathan B. Freirich Kabbalah appears in the public eye more now than perhaps ever. The Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles, and world wide, made it popular, and now people from Madonna, to Demi Moore claim to follow the way of Kabbalah. So, given all this attention, I figured a little discussion about Kabbalah would be […]