Kee Teesa: Egyptian Army Interrogation of an Israelite Refugee

Kee Teesa: Egyptian Army Interrogation of an Israelite Refugee by Rabbi David Hartley Mark Lt. Djer, Duty Officer of the 18th Regiment, Royal Egyptian Cavalry (“Jaws of Anubis,” Chariot borne), leaned back on his cloth-and-wood army field chair and yawned. He got up, scratching his shaven, bald head, and peered out the tent-flap: almost midnight, […]

Ki Tisa by Rabbi David Hartley Mark

KeeTeesa: Metatron, Prince of Angels   “Go now, lead the people where I told you. See, My angel shall go before you.” –God, speaking to Moses (Ex. 32:34)   Welcome, Stranger! I rejoice that your powers of creativity and imagination have enabled you to ascend and enter among us heavenly-folk. It is all very well […]

Ki Tisa by Rabbi David Hartley Mark

Most of us know the story well: Moses follows God’s commands and ascends Mt. Sinai amid smoke and thunder, to receive the Ten Commandments, to be carved out of solid stone by God, using a fingertip of lightning. Moses appoints Aaron, his brother and the High Priest, to supervise the Israelites during his absence. But Aaron is a poor classroom monitor, as I like to say, and he gives the fearful, misbehaving Israelites free rein to do as they wish—and they disobey God’s express command, using a large amount of their Egyptian gold and silver to build a Golden Calf, despite being expressly forbidden to perform idol worship.

Ki Tisa by David Hartley Mark

Why did the Israelites build the Golden Calf? Barely three months had passed since God freed Israel from slavery, in the course of which they beheld the most extraordinary miracles and wonders: the Ten Plagues, the Splitting of the Reed Sea, and now the thunderous, magnificent descent of God onto Mt. Sinai, certainly not the […]