Metzora: The Leper Recovered

Torah Portion Metzora: The Leper Recovered by Rabbi David Hartley Mark This is the man Who may have been a leper. These are the living birds, all pure, Brought by the man Who may have been a leper. This is the wood From a cedar green, Two living birds With feathered sheen Brought by the […]

Tazria-Metzora By Rabbi David Hartley Mark

I am Kevudah, the “honored one,” wife of Eleazar, Aaron’s third son—but his eldest, now that Nadav and Avihu are dead, killed by the hand of God—the flames of God, I mean. They offered “strange fire”—some mistake in preparing the incense, we believe, as well as guilty of taking a drop of mead prior to the service—we will never know for sure, since the two young men—boys, really—were totally immolated by God’s fire. Just as they were about to wave their incense-pans, too. Horrible, horrible way to die, at the hands of the God we are commanded to love. And Who loves us. I wonder.

Parsha Metzora by Rabbi David Hartley Mark

Parsha Metzora (מצרע) Torah: Leviticus 14:1-15:33 Haftarah: II Kings 7:3-7:20 My years of dealing with this parsha/Torah portion have drained the intellectual well dry: its tiresome subject is leprosy, again. For a change of pace, therefore, I turn to Haftarat Metzora (though we will not be chanting it this year, in favor of Malachi, since it is Shabbat […]

Torah Talk 03/31/14 – Metzora – Leviticus 14-15

This week’s study is Leviticus 14-15 – Metzora study begins at 21:00 in the video

Haftorat Metzora: The Tale of the Four Lepers by David Hartley Mark

Let Hercules himself do what he may, The cat will mew, and dog will have his day. [1600-1 Shakespeare, Hamlet v. i. 286] What’s harder to sermonize or write about than one Parsha/Torah Portion about Leprosy? Two Torah portions. And so, because this is a Leap Year in the Hebrew Calendar, the two portions which […]

Parshah Tazria-Metzora: Remembering Elisha

Tazria-Metzora As if to counteract the parsha/Torah portion’s dry, legal listings of purity, impurity, and whatever malady was known as “leprosy” in ancient times (it could include any skin ailment, from a bad rash through psoriasis, including, ironically, mold on the walls of a dwelling, all the way to actual leprosy, which we now call […]