Kabbalah & Tzimtzum

Jonathan B. Freirich Kabbalah appears in the public eye more now than perhaps ever. The Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles, and world wide, made it popular, and now people from Madonna, to Demi Moore claim to follow the way of Kabbalah. So, given all this attention, I figured a little discussion about Kabbalah would be […]

An American Lynching: The Leo Frank Story

Leo Frank is the only Jew to be lynched on American soil. The site of his lynching is down the street from the OneShul office.

A Kingdom of Priests and an Open Source Nation

By Leon Adato, originally posted here I met Aaron through his blog – Open Source Judaism – and was intrigued by his focus on ideas about ideas. I also appreciated his direct style of writing, his interest in showing Torah in an amusing, if not pop-culturally-accessible, light (such as the lolcat bible:), and the fact […]

Blessed Tension, Holy Contradiction

By Leon Adato This essay has been percolating in my mind for a while, but really came together after comment on this blog post over at Homeshuling as well as a post by the Rockin’ Rebbetzin. Can you answer the “what are you?” question in 25 words or less? I can’t. Heck, I can’t answer […]

We’re All Zocher Shabbos

By Patrick Aleph There’s a great debate between the Shabbat observant about whether to be Shomer Shabbos (guard the Sabbath) or Zocher Shabbos (remember the Sabbath). In a generalized nutshell, Shomer Shabbos Jews believe in observing the law for the law’s sake (or a literal interpretation). This means that the following activities would “break” Shabbat: […]


Originally posted here by The Edible Torah A few months ago a friend of mine – someone who travels a lot for work – sent me this message from his Blackberry as he waited to board a flight: “Dawn is breaking. A young man a few rows down, nondescript except for a small, almost hidden, […]