Eikev: Datan and Aviram, Rebels Against God and Moses, Make Their Case from Hell by Rabbi David Hartley Mark

Scene: Sheol, the Torah version of Hell. No demons or pitchforks; no lakes of fire or forgetfulness. Rather, the Spirits of the Dead flit about silently—unless they are asked to speak. Datan and Aviram, the enemies of Moses, come forward to give their testimony.

Eikev by David Hartley Mark

“When you have eaten and satisfied your appetites, and built fine homes to live in, and your cattle and sheep have increased, and your silver and gold has grown, as have all of your possessions, be careful not to let your hearts become haughty and forget the Lord your God, who took you out of […]

Parsha Eikev by David Hartley Mark

“Remember all the long way that God made you walk all these forty years in the Wilderness, in order to test you and try you out, that God might learn what was in your hearts, whether you would observe the Commandments, or not. God made you hunger greatly, but then fed you the manna, which […]

Parsha Eikev Online Torah Study with Sarah BasAvraham

Tefillah Moses is said to have prayed to HaShem 515 times-the numerical value (gematria) of va’eschanan-to be allowed to enter the Promised land. (Midrash Rabbah) According to Rashi, there are 10 words for prayer. The Midrash Rabbah lists them as: cry, howl, groan, song, encounter, stricture, prostration, judgment and beseeching. (Tefillah must be the 10th? I count only 9 there.)   Tefillah (prayer) is derived from […]