Shemot by David Hartley Mark

Reign of Pharaoh Tuthmosis III (1504-1450 BCE), possible Pharaoh of the Israelite-Slavery-Period. Meeting of the High Court Privy Council, consisting of Officers and Advisers to His Royal Majesty. Item One on the Royal Agenda this fine Spring Morning is Population Control: namely, the preponderance of Apiru’, or Israelites, a Foreign Nation once welcomed into Egypt […]

Parsha Shemot by David Hartley Mark

I like Moses a lot. I commiserate with him: how can one be “the humblest of men” but at the same time, lead a people so fractious, argumentative, and independent-minded as us Jews? Was he the best person for the job, rather than his independent-minded sister Miriam, or his diplomatic brother, Aaron? Self-destructively workaholic, misogynistic, […]