Vayikra by Rabbi David Hartley Mark

  Vayikra: The Old Priest and the Pesky Teenager by Rabbi David Hartley Mark   It had been a busy morning. Passover was coming, and folks throughout the village were worried and concerned about their ritual purity, what we call tahara. None but the pure could participate in the Passover Feast, a ritual we had […]

Vayikra by Rabbi David Hartley Mark

Call me the Tempter. Most Jews know me as the Yetzer Ha-Ra, the Evil Inclination. Who am I? I am the Voice of Evil whispering in your ear; I am the soft urge which bids you to look where you know you should not. I push you to steal, to lie, to gossip, backbite, change a number in an accounting book. I inspire bored people to commit adultery. I am, perhaps, the single cause of more evil in the world since Time began; I am a perpetual troubler. I am the hair in your soup, the driver who steals your parking spot, the false friend who proposes to the Girl of Your Dreams, a second before you get up your nerve.

Parsha Vayikra by Rabbi David Hartley Mark

Vayikra Leviticus 1:1 – 5:26 Isaiah 43:21 – 44:23 With this Parsha/Torah Reading, we enter upon the third book of the Chumash/Pentateuch, known as Vayikra, “And God called,” or by its Latin name, Leviticus, the Laws of the Levites and Priests. This last name is close to its other Hebrew name, Torat Kohanim, or the […]

Vayikra by David Hartley Mark

With Vayikra/Leviticus, we leave the drama of Moses’s interceding on behalf of God’s often stubborn and rebellious people, and move into what many scholars believe to be the Chumash/Pentateuch’s oldest book. It was originally known as Toraht Kohanim, or, the Priestly Laws, including the many and varied forms of sacrifices and offerings which the Israelites […]