Dvar Torah on Lech Lecha

Dvar Torah by Patrick Aleph On Lech Lecha Download the PDF here.

What Does God Want From Us? Parshat Pinchas

­­ What Does God Want From Me?: a Parshat Pinchas Torah Study by OneShul.org Presented by Patrick Aleph   Premise: the Bible often has conflicting moral messages. Our goal as Jews is to figure out what the message is, so that we can live the moral message correctly.  PaRDeS Method: P’shat (literal), Remez (metaphorical), Drush […]

Parsha Behaalotecha (Numbers 8:1–12:16)

Behaalotecha (Numbers 8:1–12:16) Summary Aaron is commanded to raise light in the lamps of the menorah, and the tribe of Levi is initiated into the service in the Sanctuary. A “Second Passover” is instituted in response to the petition, ”Why should we be deprived?” by a group of Jews who were unable to bring the […]