Shabbat Parah Adumah by Rabbi David Hartley Mark

Shabbat Parah Adumah—Sabbath of the Red Heifer Parshat Shemini March 30, 2019—23 Adar II, 5779 by Rabbi David Hartley Mark             I am the Red Heifer. Without my sacrifice, there can be no Pesach, no Seder, no Prayer for Dew (Tal); not even those matzo balls in chicken soup of which Jews (and gentiles) are […]

Shemini by Rabbi David Hartley Mark

Shemini by Rabbi David Hartley Mark   I am Tsilya, daughter of Yitzhar, wife of Aaron, the High Priest, mother of my Lost Boys, Nadav and Avihu. You will not read my name in the Great Scroll of the Torah-Teaching; no; my name has been lost in darkness, for I spent my days mourning for […]

Shemini: The Deaths of Nadav & Avihu, Sons of Aaron By Rabbi David Hartley Mark

I am Avihu, the second son of Aaron, the High Priest; my elder brother is Nadav. This is our Big Day. Aaron—that is, Dad—is to dedicate the Mishkan, the Holy Sanctuary of the Wilderness, the Place where the One True God is to dwell. We will participate in the Ceremony of Dedication, too.

Torah Talk on 03/10/14 Shmini (Leviticus 9-11)

Torah Talk with Chanah this weeks study: Shmini (Leviticus 9-11) More on sacrifice, especially the prohibition on the consumption of blood and rules of the sacrifice in the Temple.