Counting the Omer: Week 2: Gevurah by Ketzirah

The second week of the Omer focuses on Gevurah. There are so many ways people interpret this sephira. You see it described as severity, strength, judgement, discipline & measure, might, courage, and power — just to name a few. For me, my mind leaps directly to the Gevirah Netivah of Shekhinah — the Matriarch.

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Shabbat service with Rabbi Patrick Aleph on 08/23/13

Online Shabbat service – topic of discussion: Relationships service begins at the 18:36 mark JOIN OUR WEBSITES: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: ONLINE SYNAGOGUE: DONATE:

Rosh Chodesh Elul 5773 08/05/13 w/Ketzirah

Lead by Ketzirah, featuring the music of Holy Taya and a chant by R’Shlomo Carlebach.

The Old/New Universe

Introduction Ever since science has attempted to determine the age of the universe there has been a fierce intellectual battle between the forces of science and creationism. I tend to believe that the two perspectives don’t have to conflict, especially so fiercely. Today, there are several genuine approaches which can reconcile the two accounts of […]