Discussion on Jewish Sages on 12/24/13

A class and discussion on a pair of Jewish sages including history and teachings.

The Pairs: Dual leadership during 2nd century BCE – 12/09/13

Class/discussion on dual leadership during 2nd century B.C.E.


From a class at OneShul.org on The “Jewish Way” in death and mourning, starting from the egalitarian transformation of burial practices in the era of the Talmud up through modern day practice in the US and Canada. Dr. Michael Slater discusses the Jewish rituals surrounding death and burial, along with how decentralized Jewish communities and […]

Book Review: Maimonides’ Introduction to the Talmud

Maimonides’ Introduction to the Talmud is the attempt by Rambam to give a precise introduction to the Talmud for the non-scholar. The book is short but is packed with large amounts of information. Since the Talmud is based upon the Written and Oral Torah Maimonides begins by showing how both the Written Torah and the […]

The Old/New Universe

Introduction Ever since science has attempted to determine the age of the universe there has been a fierce intellectual battle between the forces of science and creationism. I tend to believe that the two perspectives don’t have to conflict, especially so fiercely. Today, there are several genuine approaches which can reconcile the two accounts of […]

Hanukkah and the Talmud with Rabbi Arnie Samlan

What does the Talmud tell us about Hanukkah? Turns out, Hanukkah is a mashup of Sukkot and a military victory. Check out this awesome class with your favorite DJing rabbi.

What Is Talmud? A Class With Rabbi Arnie Samlan

Judaism 101: What Is Torah?

Judaism 101 class on the basics of Torah and Talmud, their history, development and relevance today. Download the notes here.

Sexuality and Talmud

Sexuality and the Talmud, hosted by Rabbi Arnie Samlan. Download the notes here.

OneShul Prayer Service 02/01/11