Torah Talk – Tetzaveh/Exodus 27:20-30:10

Torah study with Chanah this weeks portion is Tetzaveh 5774 Exodus 27:20-30:10 the eternal light

Shabbat Services on 01/31/14

Shabbat services with Rabbi Patrick Music videos from all over YouTube and a Dvar Torah on Parsha Terumah: Being Right versus Being Happy

Torah Talk with Chanah – 01/13/14

Torah Talk with Chanah – this weeks Torah portion is Parsha Yitro – Exodus 18-20

Torah Talk – Parsha Bo – 12/30/13

Torah talk with Chanah – this week’s Torah portion is Pasha Bo, the ending of Exodus

Discussion on Jewish Sages on 12/24/13

A class and discussion on a pair of Jewish sages including history and teachings.

Midweek Maariv with Tracy on 10/02/13

Evening prayer service with Tracy

Rosh Hashanah Torah Study with Rabbi Patrick Aleph 09/06/2013

A study and discussion on Genesis 22 – the Binding of Isaac JOIN OUR WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: ONLINE SYNAGOGUE:

Shauvot – The Art of Asking with Rivka – 05/14/13

Art of Asking and Amanda Palmer the art of building community

Lech Lecha

Torah Together – Parshah Nitzavim