Vayeira by Rabbi David Hartley Mark

King Abimelech, Sarah, and Abraham (Genesis 20) by Rabbi David Hartley Mark   Greetings, Stranger! You may approach my throne, and touch the tip of my scepter. Why? Why, to show that I am your liege lord and ruler, for as long as you visit my kingdom, that of Philistia, in this, my capital city […]

Vayeira by David Hartley Mark

Synopsis: Moses and Aaron confront Pharaoh—which one? Ramsses II, Thutmose III, perhaps even Hatshepsut, the Woman Pharaoh—the actual identity is not important to the Torah Narrative, which never gives more details than are considered necessary to tell the Story. The Theme is Clash of the Titans, in this case between Adon-i, God of the Israelites, […]

Voices Off: The Lesser-Known Voices of Parshat Vayera by David Hartley Mark

Angel of Sarah’s Annunciation: We angels are formed of heavenly aether, and exist only to perform God’s will: we get one mission each; that is all. I was happy to carry out my task: that is, to tell Abraham and Sarah that they would have a child, after all their years of waiting and yearning. […]

Avraham, Our Father: An Imagined Midrash-Soliloquy (Parsha Vayeira)

A day like all other days, here in this godforsaken desert! Or should I not say that, myself being the chosen one of the Invisible God, Maker of heaven and earth—or so He says, so He tells me. Imagine—commanding me, an old man, to perform that—that—covenantal-cutting on myself, and with a flint knife! How it […]