Vayaytsay: Roll Away the Stone by David Hartley Mark

“[Jacob] looked, and there was a well in the field [of Haran], with three flocks of sheep lying down by it, for from that well the flocks were watered. But the stone was large on the mouth of the well. When all the flocks were gathered there, [the shepherds] would roll away the stone from […]

Vayaytsay by David Hartley Mark

Jacob had a dream: a ladder was set into the ground; its top reached up to the Heavens, and there were Angels of God going Up and Down on it (Gen. 28:12) Call me Ketaniel, the “Wee One of God.” I’m a little angel, not even a Cherub yet—not a pink-cheeked, bewinged fat boy on […]

Dvar Torah on Vayeitzei

Dvar Torah by Patrick Aleph On Vayeitzei Download the PDF here.

Shabbat service for Parshat Vayeitzei

Torah Together – Vayeitzei

Note: There was some difficulty with the audio in teh beginning, but start watching at about 4 minutes and 30 seconds into the video, and the class from there is great.