Torah Study Parsha Slach with Brian 05/27/13

Numbers 13:1 to 15:41 It’s not always smooth sailing in life but have faith.

Starvation and Salvation: Yom Kippur

A little Yom Kippur video from your friends at PunkTorah. httpv://

Wisdom Literature and Deuteronomic Theology in the Hebrew Bible

By Lacy LeBlanc “‘Wisdom is a term that can be used to indicate certain books which deal particularly with (biblical) wisdom, or it can refer to a movement in the ancient world associated with ‘teachers’ or sages, and it can also suggest a particular understanding of reality which presents some contrasts with other biblical books.”1 […]

A Kingdom of Priests and an Open Source Nation

By Leon Adato, originally posted here I met Aaron through his blog – Open Source Judaism – and was intrigued by his focus on ideas about ideas. I also appreciated his direct style of writing, his interest in showing Torah in an amusing, if not pop-culturally-accessible, light (such as the lolcat bible:), and the fact […]

We’re All Zocher Shabbos

By Patrick Aleph There’s a great debate between the Shabbat observant about whether to be Shomer Shabbos (guard the Sabbath) or Zocher Shabbos (remember the Sabbath). In a generalized nutshell, Shomer Shabbos Jews believe in observing the law for the law’s sake (or a literal interpretation). This means that the following activities would “break” Shabbat: […]