The Jesus Question

If you are Jewish, you have probably been faced with the question “So you don’t believe in Jesus?” Here are ways you can answer that are informed,educated, and above all respectful and non-combative.

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  1. David J Wise says

    This YouTube video gives a great supplement to the provided class on “The Jesus Question.”

  2. David J Wise says

    I messed up on the other link…

    This YouTube video gives a great supplement to the provided class on “The Jesus Question.”

  3. Brian Reitmeyer says

    Such a comment made to you demonstrates several things.
    1) It shows that the person(s) making said comment obviously have no knowledge of the gospel story of the Jesus, or of the God that they claim to have sole ownership of. The punishment for being a heretic and for blasphemy (both of which Jesus was guilty of under Jewish Law) was death; while the Pharisees pronounced the sentence upon him, they in no way where the ones who actually administered the beating, and drove the nails that ultimately killed Jesus. That was the Romans.

    2) It clearly demonstrates that the so-called “Christians” making such comments to you are Christian in name only, and are hardly the loving followers of Jesus of Nazareth that they claim to be. Their gospels have Jesus, asking God, as the Roman soldiers are pounding the nails through his hands and feet, to “forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Clearly if Jesus could forgive those who were involved in the act of killing him, if they think that you also had a hand in personally killing him, if they are so-called followers of him, they should forgive you was well. To say such a comment to you shows that they truly do not believe the teachings of the very man they claim to emulate and model their lives on.

    3. It demonstrates the bigotry and hatefulness of the person(s) making the comment. I wear a kippah and tzitzit every single day, and I too have faced such comments. From the “Christ-killer” variety, to “Dirty Jew.” I usually reply by saying “Actually I’ve never killed anyone, because killing is wrong, and God commands us ‘Thou shall not murder.'” and “Actually, I shower twice a day, every day, so I have no idea how I am in any way dirty.”
    A person who makes such a comment to you simply for wearing something that identifies you as a member of a particular faith and people is in a way doing you a favor by exposing them self to you as the bigot and hypocrite they are. I’m sure that you as a Jew would never call a Christian an “idol -worshipping heathen.” The Christians choosing not to extend to you the kindness and respect you extend to them, are only outing themselves as the closed minded ignoramuses that the individuals making such comments are.

    Such comments are not those of a member of a faith that pats itself on the back as being “the most tolerant and loving.” When faced with antisemitic comments, I find it amusing to remind the commenter that we Jews are the descendants of Abraham, and what HaShem says concerning us in Genesis chapter 12, verses 1-3: And I will bless those that bless you and curse the one who curses you.

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