The Seventh Day

It is forbidden for Noachides to celebrate Shabbat in the manner of a Jew. It is permissible for Noachides to light a candle in honor of the Seventh Day that was given to Adam and Noah and recite a blessing thanking G-d for creation and acknowledging that G-d rested on the seventh day. It is recommended that Noachides have a festive meal on Friday nights. Reciting Tehllim associated with the Seventh Day, family time, and Torah study are also recommended. Noachides may also light a candle and recite a blessing for giving Adam fire and to mark the differentiation between the Seventh Day and the First Day. It is permissible for Noachides to attend religious services at a local synagogue but it is recommended that one contact the rabbi before attending to find out what restrictions may be placed upon the Noachides.

Recommended Tehllim

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Psalm 19, Psalm 29, Psalm 33, Psalm 34, Psalm 90, Psalm 91, Psalm 92, Psalm 93, Psalm 95, Psalm 96, Psalm 97, Psalm 98, Psalm 99, Psalm 100, Psalm 104, Psalm 135, Psalm 136, Psalm 145, Psalm 146, Psalm 147, Psalm 148, Psalm 149, Psalm 150

Friday Night Blessing
Blessed are you, Hashem, our G-d, King of the universe, Who has given fire to Adam and the Seventh Day to Adam and Noah.

Blessed are You, Hashem, our G-d, King of the universe, Who separates between holy and secular, between light and darkness, between day and night, between Israel and the nations, between the seventh day and the first day of the week. Blessed are You, Hashem, Who separates between holy and secular. Amen

5771 (2010-2011) Torah Reading Schedule (Printable 5770-5779 (2009-2019) Year Torah Reading Schedule)

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