Frequently Asked Questions

When was OneShul founded?

The seed for OneShul was planted by PunkTorah, the 501(c)(3) Jewish non-profit dedicated to independent Jewish spirituality. We began having afternoon prayer services streaming online, and quickly seeing the need for a consistent, virtual meeting space, our volunteers banded together to start OneShul.

Where is OneShul located? Do you have a building?

OneShul is everywhere! We stream our classes and prayer services from our members’ homes, offices, classrooms, or wherever they need to be. Our community interacts through our prayer service chatroom and on Facebook. Many of our members around the country host other members in each others homes.

Our administrative offices are located in Atlanta, GA.

Why an online community? Aren’t you missing something?

Our community is not missing anything. In fact, we would miss each other if we were forced to be in one city, in one building, without the ability to interact and share our lives with each other. We don’t consider OneShul to be synagogue “instead of” somewhere else. This is our community and we love having you as a part of it.  Join the Newsletter and the Facebook community.

Is OneShul affiliated with a Jewish movement or organization?

OneShul is an independent, post-denominational community. We’re open to Jews (and non-Jews) of all backgrounds and associations. We are egalitarian, inclusive, diverse and excited about the future of the Jewish tradition. Our programming is led by a mixture of non-traditional Jewish spiritual leaders, rabbis and lay volunteers.

OneShul seems a lot like (Renewal, Modern Orthodoxy, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist)…

The great thing about being independent and having a diverse community is that we get to experience the best parts of all the Jewish movements, while remaining true to our own individual beliefs. Most people involved in OneShul do not fit well into the categories that movements have created. That’s why we’re doing something new.

Who is your rabbi?

Our current spiritual director is a Kohenet ordained by the Hebrew Priestess Institute, and many of our prayer leaders are lay-leaders.  We are interested in working together to create the Judaism of the future. While many of us take on leadership positions teaching, providing spiritual support and leading prayer services, we believe in a community respects the ability of all to teach each other. Rabbis frequently teach classes and write for our Parsha Blog, and we are very excited to have alternative Jewish spiritual leadership from volunteers.

How can I become a part of the community?

Welcome! You already are. Join our Facebook Community, or subscribe to the newsletter — and come to services or a class. Better yet, offer to lead a service/class or volunteer. We’re glad you’re here.

What if I’m not very tech-savvy? Can I still participate?

Don’t worry, everything on our site is easy to use (and fun!) Having trouble using any part of the site? Just send us an email. We would be glad to assist you. And don’t worry–we’re not tech savvy either.

Do I have to pay dues to belong to OneShul?

Every community member contributes to make OneShul happen, whether it’s helping on the website, teaching a class…we even have a friend who made jewelry for us to sell as a fundraiser! Spend some time with us. And if you like this community, please volunteer your time or give a financial donation.